Imo For Pc Free Download โ€“ Windows xp/7/8/8.1

Imo For Pc Free Download – Windows xp/7/8/8.1


Imo for laptop is the from one of the best video calling app for Pc. you can easily Chat with your friends with this app in your pc, or you can do voice calling, or you can also do video calling with Imo on your Computer / Laptop. This app is similar to other social networking Apps, like Whatsapp , Hike, Facebook Messenger etc. so you can download this app Imo on your Pc and enjoy free video calling with your friends.
This imo for pc messenger desktop can work in any PC. I think you have already downloaded Imo in your Phone, and now you are thinking that How to install free instant messaging app? Well, we have a Solution for this issue. You can easily download Imo on your Pc with this Guide, and enjoy it on your Laptop. Previously, there are many other good video calling apps are also available, Such as skype etc. in which you can also install and download IMO app in your Android device.
There are some other ways for install imo for pc without bluestack, but i will mention some of the easiest steps for how to use instant messager easily without any issues. you just need to follow simple steps, and it will do it’s work.

Download Imo For Windows PC

If you are The Windows User, or Mac User, or using any operating system on your Pc, then don’t worry. we will provide you download link of Various Operating System and guide you about how to download and install instant massenger. and you will be easily able to Install Imo software / app in your Laptop / Pc or Computer. This imo for windows 8 will work in any version of windows, including windows 7 / 10 / 8 / MAC etc.
How to Download Imo for Pc
Whatsapp is also very good app for chatting with your friends and doing voice calling. but you can’t do video calling with your friends with Whatsapp. So because of Video Calling Feature, Imo is very popular for Pc. which you can download now and install in your pc for doing chatting with your friends or relatives. so Guys, Download imo for pc now. This is the one of the best and suitable way for download instant messaging apps and enjoy android app.

Download Imo for Windows 7 / 8/ 8.1 / 10 / Xp

You can easily install Imo on your Windows PC with this Guide. you can easily manage Imo on your Pc, and have fun and make video calls with your friends of Family easily. Imo For Pc is not yet officially announced, still you can use this instant messaging in your pc, with the help of our tutorial, which is mentioned below. If you are confused that how can you run Imo on your Windows PC, then you should know about that, if you want to use Imo on your Windows PC, then you should Have a Webcam which will work on your im online.
Imo video call download for pc now from below link. but if you want to run imo on your laptop, then don’t worry, Laptop Comes with Pre-installed webcam, so you don’t need any external webcam for that. Must See – Imo for Iphone , if you are using an IOS Smartphones, or it can be also defined as Imo for IOS. So Checkout Full Tutorial on how to use instant message app and enjoy free video calling in pc.

Whatsapp For PC Latest Version Without Bluestacks Download

A long time ago we posted a tutorial on how to download WhatsApp for PC but it was not a success because we were lazy and did not accompany it with a video tutorial. Moreover, the details were missing to actually get it working. Thus, we have decided to do a better tutorial with step by step video tutorial on how to download Whatsapp for Windows as well as Mac working.
Whatsapp is a cross platform text messaging app for smartphones. It is an amazing app by WhatsApp Inc. and it is so famous that about 1 Billion messages are transferred over it every day (read more here). There are about 7 Billion people on this earth, which means almost 1 of 7 people on average sends a message using WhatsApp everyday. This is pretty neat for an app which does not even support calling yet. What is even neat is that we have found a brand new method to get Whatsapp for PC be it a Windows based laptop or even a Mac.


WhatsApp for PC step-by-step

In order to get WhatsApp on PC you need to follow a few steps. Please follow all of the steps in order – don’t jump to the download steps before you PC/Mac is ready for the download. This will make sure that you do not run into issues later on and have a smooth download process. You will also be able to follow this tutorial to download other apps such as WeChat for PC and games such as Temple run for PC and then use the same tips to get WhatsApp for PC in no time.
Watch this video tutorial to see the process end-to-end.
If you have already followed any of our tutorials such as Subway Surfers for PC  or Viber for PC then you can jump to the download step straight away. Otherwise follow along from the very beginning of this WhatsApp for PC tutorial without skipping any step:
  1. In case something goes wrong, we ask you to Install a backup software and try backing up your files. If it works fine then you are good.
  2. Download Android Emulator from their website.
  3. Install the Android emulator and run it (see video for how it should look like).
  4. Steps 5 to 7 are required for Mac laptops Only. If you have a PC simply search for WhatsApp in Bluestacks, install it, and go to step 9. Open the Twitter App in the android emulator as we need a way to open the browser inside the emulator.
  5. Click on one of the two hyperlinks and it will let you go to a browser.
  6. Visit this page at our website by typing in the URL in your browser.
  7. Come to the page for WhatsApp for PC (this page) and download the file from this link
  8. Open this file and it will install WhatsApp for PC for you to play with. Set it up as you would on your Android smartphone and you will have what you need to be in touch with your friends.
Let us know if you have issues or if you need help with any of the steps above. Similar to WhatsApp for PC, our website App for PCs has tutorials for a list of numerous other apps. If you want to contribute to our existing list, please leave a comment below.
Download Candy Crush Saga for PC

Download Candy Crush Saga for PC

Candy Crush Saga was originally created as a facebook app in 2012. It got so popular on facebook that the developer (King) launched it for smartphones later in November of 2012. It’s popularity only kept increasing and in the March of 2013 it surpassed Farm Ville (by Zynga) as the most popular facebook app being played across the world. There were an average of 45.6 million monthly users playing Candy Crush Saga for PC using facebook. To cash the popularity of the game, Candy Crush Saga was also introduced for Android and iOS based smartphones. However, King never launched Candy Crush Saga for PC and thus they missed a large number of audience that could have increased the popularity of the game. Anyways, not to worry as we bring you the tutorial to Download Candy Crush Saga on your computer, be it Windows or Mac. It will be based on our previous findings on games such as WhatsApp for PC and Instagram for PC.

Candy Crush Saga Game Play

Candy crush saga is not a new game or even a new concept. It is based on the popular match three of the same kind principal similar to what BeJeweled did for so many years. The only new things here is that every level has a different shape for the game board. The largest board is in some levels reaches a size of 9 rows by 9 columns but not more than that. There are candies in each level as you would expect, and some levels even contain obstacles to make the game play challenging and intellectually stimulating. The idea is similar to Bejeweled where you swap positions of two candies in one move to align more than 2 candies of the same color, which eventually will disappear and thus you will get points for each such disappearing.
You are given a preset number of moves and you need to finish the goal/mission/objective of a level before you run out of moves. There are 6 different types of candies viz Red (Jelly Bean), Orange (Lozenge), Yellow (Lemon Drop), Green (Square), Blue (Lollipop Head), and Purple (Cluster). Assuming that you are already familiar with the game we will jump to the tutorial to download it on a PC.

Download Candy Crush Saga for PC (Tutorial)

  1. The tutorial is not much different than what we did for other Android based games such as fruit ninja for pc. We will list the steps and request you to follow them in order to get Candy Crush Saga for PC.
  2. Download an advanced android simulator from their site by clicking here.
  3. Once you have downloaded the emulator, install it and then run it. It will take decent amount of time to install and run it so be patient. If you run into any issue you should check out our post on common Bluestacks installation errors.
  4. Once you are on the home screen of Bluestacks, you need to click on the search icon and type “Candy Crush Saga Free”, it will search various app stores for this game and bring you a set of results with those app stores that have a version of Candy Crush Saga.
  5. Click on your favorite store, if you have a preference. If you do not prefer any particular store, just click on any one of them.
  6. It will start downloading Candy Crush Saga for PC, and eventually after the download the installation will begin immediately.
  7. Once you get the message that the download has finished, you can then go to the home screen and click on Candy Crush Saga from your PC and start playing it without any much ado.
If you are having problem at any step, remember that we answer to the comments regularly. If the issue is with Bluestacks, make sure you have read our post linked above in step 3 of this Candy Crush Saga for PC tutorial. If it is something else, just leave a comment with exactly where you are having the problem and we will take care of it for you.